Facility Services for Life Sciences Operations

A facility services partner that understands the importance of what you do.

Firms in the life sciences industry work hard to balance innovation, competition, and FDA-regulations. ABM understands this tenuous balance. We apply deep, industry-specific knowledge to keep your facility safe, clean, and comfortable – all while keeping your risk low. With ABM as your partner, you can take your attention off the facilities management and focus on your next big breakthrough. Our team of fully trained experts provides high-quality services and knowledge of the industry, keeping you secure and poised to improve efficiency, operations, and the bottom line.


Beyond Compliance

Regulatory standards are a baseline for quality. Experienced ABM life science specialists are trained in current industry standards and ready to collaborate with your quality assurance group to keep you compliant and competitive.

Flexible Programs

Improve your property with bundled or standalone facility services. ABM provides innovative, metrics-driven solutions that meet industry best practices and the distinct needs of our clients to improve efficiency.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Secure contamination control from Class 1 to Class 100,000, ensure ISO-compliant quality programs, and implement green cleaning solutions. ABM services align with life sciences best practices, and the team is technically proficient with all GMP standards.


There’s power in reliable, consistent, high-quality service that won’t go over budget. ABM’s highly trained and industry-focused team provides all the services and reporting you need. You’ll know who’s working at your facility.

Tailored Services

Rising rents force many life sciences companies to combine office, research and development, and laboratory spaces in a single facility. ABM takes the time to understand your specific needs to provide the services and support that fit your new space best.

Unparalleled Expertise

Through experience and expertise, ABM stays on the cutting-edge of the facility services industry. We’ve continued to bring innovative processes to the life sciences industry for more than 20 years and currently work with more than 65 biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

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Savings Plus Solar for Biotechnology Center

Find out why more than 65 companies rely on ABM as the best-in-class provider of facilities maintenance services for the life sciences industry.

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Case Study
Single-Source Savings for International Pharma Company

Learn how an international biopharmaceutical company leveraged its maintenance spend and secured uptime and quality level requirements by centralizing facilities maintenance to ABM.

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Biotech Facility Services

Put your time and focus into research and development, securing your intellectual property, and building your team of skilled employees. ABM is an experienced and reliable partner that understands the current challenges and emerging opportunities in your space. We take on everything from compliant cleaning to proactive maintenance programs so you can take on operational efficiencies, uphold regulatory compliance, and staying future focused.

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Facility Solutions for Medical Device 鶹
Medical Devices

Work with focus and agility to navigate short product life cycles and stay at the leading edge of innovation and specialization in medical device advancement. ABM will help you contain costs and risks with a team as equipped for reliable innovation as your company is. With customizable dashboards, service benchmarking, and work order management, you’ll feel confident staying focused on your product and developing new technologies.

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Pharmaceutical Facility Services

Keep your eyes and minds concentrated on researching, manufacturing, and winning market share with your medical breakthroughs. You’re the specialists in your space, and we’re the specialists in ours. By outsourcing your facilities maintenance to ABM, you can rest assured you have a partner capable of helping you ensure regulatory compliance and patient health through the work you’re doing. Find out why so many leading pharmaceutical companies trust ABM to service their facilities and protect their assets.

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