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We create sustainable solutions for our clients and are growing our environmentally friendly practices to reduce the environmental impact of our clients and our own operations.

Driving Action on Climate Change

ABM believes in advancing a healthier, more sustainable world. We’re committed to the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi) and are establishing a Sustainability Council to ensure we’re meeting milestones on our GHG Reduction Roadmap.

GHG emissions reduction target aligned with SBTI’s Absolute Contraction Approach (ACA) Method (WB2C).

We plan to reduce our direct, indirect and business travel emissions by 27.5% by 2030.

We're updating and providing more transparency for our GHG Emissions Reduction Roadmap per the 1.5 degrees pathway.

How We’re Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Strengthening Our Reporting Process

We’ve implemented the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud environmental reporting system to improve the transparency and accuracy of our environmental data and increase the scope of reporting.

Procuring Renewable Electricity

During 2022, ABM US planned a renewable energy procurement strategy and identified a phased approach to implementation in the coming years. The plan consists of procuring renewable energy credits (RECs) for sites at which we manage electric consumption directly and increasing the number of RECs for the rest of our locations. ABM UK efforts on renewable procurement have been paused due to the geopolitical crisis in UK and its impacts on the UK energy market in the context of rapidly escalating energy prices.

Leveraging Collaborative Opportunities

We’re introducing an ABM Sustainability Council to oversee opportunities among departments to reduce our environmental footprint, implement sustainability initiatives and enhance our sustainable offerings.

Remaining Transparent

In 2020 and 2021, ABM procured a total of 9,362kWhrs of REGO Certified renewable electricity. (The REGO or equivalent Guarantees of Origin scheme keeps consumers informed about the amount of electricity suppliers source from renewable sources).

Electric Transportation

We initiated a pilot of electric vehicles (EV) to be deployed throughout the US and UK and have tasked our Sustainability Council to draft a roadmap and commitment to additional vehicle electrification for the coming years. We also completed a trial of driver behavior telematics systems to reduce fuel consumption.

Maintaining Environmental Management System Certifications

We continue to retain ISO50001 (UK) Energy Management ISO to incorporate corporate communications and energy saving projects across our office estate and fleet emissions.

ABM decreased its overall carbon footprint by 7.5% in 2021.

Leading Change with 20,000+ Clients

We’ve designed solutions to support our client facilities’ carbon neutrality plans, including:

  • Providing on-site renewable electricity sources
  • Conducting energy efficiency retrofits
  • Installing EV charging stations
  • Achieving zero-waste certifications by diverting more waste from landfills
  • Using green cleaning supplies that meet green building certification requirements







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We represent more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies through providing facility services and solutions.

GreenCare™ Program

We maintain a customizable cleaning program that helps our clients operate their facilities in a more efficient, environmentally friendly manner.

  • Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products, Tools & Equipment
  • Green Janitorial Practices & Procedures
  • LEED and WELL-Certified Facilities Management Solutions


We’re one of the largest installers of EV charging stations in the US, providing turnkey solutions to electrification through customized project design, engineering, installation, management and funding.

  • Future-proofing infrastructure
  • Optimized parking
  • EV-charging stations
  • Lower electricity rates through supplier partnerships


We improve energy efficiency across our clients’ buildings, reducing energy demand and its associated carbon emissions.

  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Solar Panels
  • Energy Performance Contracting
  • Clean Power & Efficient Lighting Solutions
  • Sustainable Facilities Management
  • Turnkey microgrid solutions

Waste Management Services

Our services increase our clients’ waste diversion rates, reduce operation costs, and achieve LEED and True Zero Waste certification credit points.

  • Waste Audits
  • Solid Waste Data Tracking/Monitoring
  • Onsite Trash Sorting Program
  • Program Management & Tenant Agreement
  • Onsite reverse vending machines
  • AI-Powered Experiences

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